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Sunday, May 25

Degree life

Assalamualaikum everyone

Its been awhile since i blogged my last entry. Orang busy almaklum lah *phew*
So, hi everyone. Remember me? Now, i'm studying at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia taking software engineering. LOL bajet siapa kisah?  Okay enough enough. I'm reaching twenty now. Like omagad omagad kau serius ke? tuanya kau. Dah diam. Who cares. I still look young ahaks

oh btw, I started wearing braces since like urm lama jugak lah. Like abt reaching four months already. But lol who cares kan. So...urm hi from muh ugly face.

Degree life is quite awesome and challenging. But, im not gonna tell you guys how hard degree life is. Im gonna tell you how i had fun with degree life.

Firstly, I've met the most awesome people in my life.

Our faces like "We ain't care if ya looking at us liddis"

I'm a residence at Kolej Keris Mas, UKM Bangi. The place is big like super huge, humongous okay that was hyperbole. Takdelah besar mana, but in UKM bangi our residental college is the biggest (padahal banyak bangunan kosong) lol. So, yada yada yada. I went to Sabah, Langkawi and all sorts of places during my first year here. Macam wow thats a lot kau ni datang UKM nak belajar ke nak melancong. Hek sambil menyelam minum air yedok ? Well, its nt my fault. Blame the activities. Har har padahal malas nak pergi class. Ops busted.

Went to Sabah as urusetia and 'pelakon sambilan' if you're there you'll know what drama i acted in haha.
The drama face 

So not talented photog lah haiya why lah so buruk this photo

And also i went for Jejak Warisan because i dekat UKM ni i penari you ols. Walau pun waktu kekecik je menari tapi bakat dipendam takkan pernah hilang gitew
1: Smile
2: Oh no the wind to strong
3: No i think i'm flyinggg
4: Just kidding lol

Dancers selfies

Lets dance !

And also we have TG2KM at Kolej Keris Mas. Check it out.

Whattaaaa so ugly youuuuuuuuuuu

And last but not least i'm the emcee for Malam Anugerah Mahasiswa dan Amal Kolej Keris Mas 13/14.
Macam what the fu, you emcee? haha you ain't calling me a public speaker fr nothing bebeh

My partners Ilya and Bidin

So much dramas in one photo

Someone call for a Halloween ?

I was like " what the fu is this thing"

My post dinner drama

Dracula and his princess maybe?
and yeah meet my babies

Thats all from me. Summary of my hectic infamy life. Lots of love Hada

Oh here's a video of me dancing ewa bule. Ewa ewa ewa buleee


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